For more, visit | They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure — a statement that’s true for extreme couponer Joanie. This stockpiling mom has no problem rooting through other people’s garbage for the best savings.
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13 Responses to Extreme Couponing- Dumpster Diving for Coupons

  1. SlapHappy145 says:

    “So you had yourself, our son, and your pregnant friend all in a dumpster today?”
    “..Okay just clarifying that..”

  2. rabideasterbunnies says:

    @quidnick i would star in that.

  3. rabideasterbunnies says:

    @quidnick i’d star in that.

  4. passionsinging101 says:

    That’s a little over the top. To teach your son to jump into garbage looking for coupons?

  5. cerazyfilms says:

    shes not bad looking for a ho

  6. falconhead67 says:


  7. BabyGirlGoddess says:

    BUtt paste?
    Hahahaha. I’m so immature. Idgaf.

  8. bieberfever20201 says:

    relly thats sad TT_TT

  9. NightSociety says:

    Extreme Couponing will NOT work in California or some other states. None of the show appear in CA, b/c it is impossible. #1 None of Supermarkets do not allow Double in Coupons. #2 Customers to pay CRV for bottles, cans etc.. #3 Limited items per customer/family household etc..

  10. Faygo069 says:

    She should just skip the recycling facility and dumpster dive at the grocery store. Cut out the middleman.

  11. ZaliaWhiteWolf says:

    @talltom1973 ….. maybe

  12. Myprideness says:

    1:04 LOL it says butt paste…

  13. talltom1973 says:

    @ZaliaWhiteWolf were you in my neighborhood last week? lol