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    Dear Same Day Dumpsters,

    I recently used your company to provide a dumpster for my Eagle Scout Project. The Project was a huge site cleanup at Prince William Forest Park, held on June 2nd. We collected a total of 6.23 tons of trash (including 205 tires!!) and hauled about half of that in trucks to the nearby dump. The other half, about 3.42 tons, was packed into one of your 30 yard dumpsters. Without that dumpster, it would have taken a lot more work to clear out the site.

    Two people from Same Day Dumpsters were a very big help to making this dumpster affordable and getting it on site. The managing partner I spoke to on the phone, Robert, was very understanding of the low budget that I had to work around. Over a few phone conversations, I was able to explain to him what I was trying to accomplish and receive some very helpful advice from him. Robert was able to give me a good discount on a 20 yard dumpster, and deliver a 30 yard in case there was bulkier trash. He was also very helpful in explaining to me how to use the dumpster properly, and what kind of space I would need to account for to put it.

    On the day of the project, I thought that I would have to put the dumpster at the top of a very large hill, and we would be carrying trash up it all day. However, that idea totally changed when I met Andrew, our delivery driver. When my mom mentioned that the site was a pretty far walk from the road we were standing by, he immediately walked down onto the site and began scouting out somewhere to put the dumpster down the hill and onto the work area. He found a spot very close to where we were cleaning up, and then proceeded to drive the flatbed truck straight down the hill and into the site. After that, he showed us how to open and close the back door of the dumpster so that we could walk trash straight into it.

    Thanks to these two.hard-working guys, the dumpster was within easy walking distance of most of our cleanup site. Also, the dumpster was affordable enough that we had enough money to pay for other cleanup essentials. I have attached some pictures to show you just how bad the site was, and how full we got the dumpster. Thanks to Robert and Andrew, and all of Same Day Dumpsters.

    Nick N.

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