A Scrap Yard Dumpster Mutt knife cuts the lids off of two metal cans with no damage to the knife.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

This video shows a mini excavator loading dirt into a Crete Busters Tracked Hauler just as a track hoe would load into a dump truck. But the Tracked Hauler is not your normal buggy. It hauls over 1000lbs, climbs hills through mud, fits through a standard doorway and will dump over the side of a 20 yard dumpster. Perfect compliment to a mini excavator. Don’t believe it? Check out video “My buggy and/or wheel barrow can’t do that #1.”
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20 Responses to Can Opener? We don’t need no stinking can opener!

  1. awn98q says:

    Mine too.

  2. FaceSmileProduction says:

    my p-38 is 10 times faster

  3. lindaNxay says:

    Sooo complicated… I’d rather spend 3 bucks on a can opener…

  4. frenchfried100 says:

    @edwdixon5 it’s called a joke dude sorry .

  5. edwdixon5 says:

    @frenchfried100 Take that back.

  6. frenchfried100 says:

    @edwdixon5 yeah we know all the strokes you have take place in the bathroom!

  7. eeeeeeeeesssaaaaaaaa says:

    that’s definitely doable, thanks for showing that…. But I’m glad I always carry a Swiss Army Knife

  8. SamForShort3 says:

    I think I’ll stick with a can opener…

  9. je187u says:


  10. paft says:

    EEK! Watch those fingers.

  11. omar4wb21 says:

    @awn98q lol….so do u suggest we get that special knife vs jst going out and buying a can opener?

  12. awn98q says:

    @gageweber99 These are no ordinary knives. They are made of special heat treated jack-hammer bit tool steel. They can chop through a cinder block with no damage. I cut a hole in a car hood with a hawk made of the same metal. A tin can is nothing, you could pry open a safe with this knife.

  13. bleedingseasons says:

    those cans parents have been looking for them for just over three years now. you murderer.

  14. DroPsyDro says:

    scrap yard!!!

  15. bishop85gt says:

    My comment wasn’t posted with the video sorry. Basically the same thing. Done a little differently.

  16. minicrop says:

    i spent the whole time thinkin “goin through his hand in a minute”

  17. chechnya says:

    Jeez, don’t make any sudden movements, you might be thrown off haha.

  18. hillbilly482 says:

    Nice little machine.

  19. dobronos says:

    im in love with that excavator

  20. CreteBusters says:

    JCB micro excavator.