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  • Can Opener? We don’t need no stinking can opener!

    A Scrap Yard Dumpster Mutt knife cuts the lids off of two metal cans with no damage to the knife.
    Video Rating: 2 / 5

    This video shows a mini excavator loading dirt into a Crete Busters Tracked Hauler just as a track hoe would load into a dump truck. But the Tracked Hauler is not your normal buggy. It hauls over 1000lbs, climbs hills through mud, fits through a standard doorway and will dump over the side of a 20 yard dumpster. Perfect compliment to a mini excavator. Don’t believe it? Check out video “My buggy and/or wheel barrow can’t do that #1.”
    Video Rating: 3 / 5

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    20 Responses to “Can Opener? We don’t need no stinking can opener!”

    1. that’s definitely doable, thanks for showing that…. But I’m glad I always carry a Swiss Army Knife

    2. @awn98q lol….so do u suggest we get that special knife vs jst going out and buying a can opener?

    3. @gageweber99 These are no ordinary knives. They are made of special heat treated jack-hammer bit tool steel. They can chop through a cinder block with no damage. I cut a hole in a car hood with a hawk made of the same metal. A tin can is nothing, you could pry open a safe with this knife.

    4. those cans parents have been looking for them for just over three years now. you murderer.

    5. My comment wasn’t posted with the video sorry. Basically the same thing. Done a little differently.