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  • how to get rid of stray cats at my little diner……?

    Question by steve m: how to get rid of stray cats at my little diner……?
    typical feral/stray cat problem, except they are under my storage shed outside the back of my restaraunt. Local authorities won’t do squat, nearest Humane Shelter is 30 miles away. No feeding doesn’t work, they get in the dumpster out back all the time. They are getting on customers cars and a couple of them even got in the back of the bread truck when it was here for delivery. I don’t want to be cruel and harm them, but I own a diner, not a petting zoo!!!!!!!! One customer suggested I spray ammonia under the shed and in the dumpster, no dice, still here and have been for two months now. It is really getting old but I can’t bring myself to be inhumane to them, at least not directly like shooting them, but THEY MUST GO. Someone help please. It’s not my garden or yard, I have dogs that can control my personal space, it is my restaurant, and I can’t put up with any longer!!!!!
    let me re emphasize, this is a very small town in a rural area, there are no “no kill” shelters, the closest regular shelter is 30 miles away, our town’s animal control ONLY deals with “dangerous” animals. All your answers are great, but there is no help with groups etc… in such in a small rural area. I’m on my own here with this problem.

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    Answer by Shawna C
    get a humane trap and see if anyone wants them for barn cats- most farmers would take them off your hands for mousers.

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    8 Responses to “how to get rid of stray cats at my little diner……?”

    1. Most Humane shelters will come to get stray/ferrel animals. You could also try contacting your local animal shelter (not nessesarily a humane society) Hope that helps.

    2. You could call the humane shelter and ask for some cat traps, or you could get a dog and chain in the area where the cats are.Just make sure it always has food,water and shelter.

    3. Well, have you tried animal control? They have humane traps and will either help the kitties to a new home or will humanely euthanize them if they’re not sociable.

      Call the Humane Society again and see if they have the number for a more local animal control or humane shelter. Check the internet: there might be some more info.

      Good luck, and I hope that helps.

    4. Ya know,Steve, That does get old.
      we had the same problem in our alley.
      I put an add in the paper for free kitties every cat nut in the city came by lady trapped 5 and cried because she couldn’t find more. I felt so sorry for her I stayed up all night catching 4 more. When our city had the free neutering and spaying weekend I grabbed some more. 2 mos later I again put the ad in the paper
      and now we don’t have any! hope this helps you!!

    5. Hmmm. Stray cats can be a problem. I think it would be best to try to trap them and then take them to the shelter. This is not the easiest way to take care of the problem because it would take persistance and patience.
      Have you tried those sprays you can buy at the pet store? This kind of spray makes a terrible smell but wouldnt be good if customers can smell it but otherwise it could very well be the trick.
      Dont forget—SHEW SHEW AWAY. Sounds mean tho.
      Do you have a “no kill” shelter or “friends of animals” group close to your area? If so, they would probably help you catch them.
      good luck. I love cats so much. I feed my ferals. But I can see your situation is not good for your business. Be true to your heart but be persistant with the strays. Maybe you can be their guardian angel and help find them a better life. Good luck.

    6. Contact your local animal control hotline. They can provide you with traps, or a local group that takes feral cats. I thought the suggestion to find a group or person who takes BARNCATS was a GREAT idea………

    7. You’ve called Animal Control?… and they’ve done nothing??

      Go to a farming store, get some varmit traps- there are some humane types available… then turn the captured cats in to Animal Control. Tell them to take care of them or you’ll start killing the animals.

      These cats are scared, hungry, and living very much by the law of the jungle. I know you don’t want to be inhumane, but sometimes, death is the most humane thing.