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  • Little House On The Prairie (Urban style)

    So I had a problem, a big one. We had way more apples than I personally could eat. In fact, more than anyone could eat. And these apples had seen better days. Not only were they dumpster salvaged; they had sat in the kitchen for several days while my life fell apart during finals.
    What to do with a bushel of half mushy apples was one of the options that I considered, but that process is a ton of work, not to mention a huge mess. So desperate situations call for desperate times, it was time for some massive dehydration of our fruit hoarding.

    Not to mention that we could now gift our product. Apple chips for finals, what could be better? In fact, maybe we could capitalize on this idea and sell them on our neighborhood street corner . What could be better than 100% profit? Drying food had been a method of preservation since the ancient times.
    Urban Indians ? I think yes. Peace.Love. Jesus

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