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  • Dumpster Diving is Hard and Dirty Work

    The title above says it all. Especially if you get a good haul quite often like we do. Hauling heavy items out of the dumpster, loading them up in your truck, hauling them into your garage or carport, sorting them, takes HOURS. I was up until 2am sorting and putting stuff away. I was so tired my husband insisted I go to bed, so I did. So I’m back at it tonight sorting and putting stuff away.

    We first went out to one side of town. Pictures are included. Products too numerous to mention. I’ve been having problems with dry itchy scalp. I had planned on going to the doctor for my scalp, which he would probably prescribe a T-gel coal tar shampoo. Found 4 bottles of high end coal tar shampoo for dry itchy scalp (talk about manifestation). Used some this morning and the difference was amazing.

    My truck was full on the first run. We decided to come back home and reload. I fixed my hubby a vegan supper and we were off again running. I’m not a full vegan but I do enjoy an occasional vegan meal. We had steamed rice with Braggs Aminos (soy sauce) and yakisoba noodles with vegetables. Costco sells a yakisoba noodle meal that you heat up in the microwave. It’s very healthy and delicious.

    It’s very difficult to get my husband to eat salads. So I made him one last night that he liked and I think my readers would like. Shredded romaine lettuce, a couple of tablespoons of bacon bits, 1 tablespoon pine nuts, 1 tablespoon dried cranberries and ranch dressing. He loved it. I sometimes substitute a TB of either cut up pecans or walnuts, good for fiber and protein. Nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, partially vegan meals, rice and beans, lots of water and tea to me are the good tenets of healthy eating. You find a lot of junk food (chips and chocolate) dumpster diving, so one has to have a healthy balance of eating.

    As typical dumpster diving junkies, we went back out. Found a huge bucket of alcohol; Mai Tai mixes, wine, vodka, chocolate martini mix, beer and wine coolers. We hit the jackpot again.

    Today we went to the local state fair and just hung out and had fun, but we’re both still pretty tired and sore.

    In fact I’ve injured and hurt myself many times diving. In the past I did not have health insurance, so I let things go. Now the former injuries and muscle aches are starting to become cumulative and now I have to see the chiropractor. I’m a big fan of chiropractors and holistic health. So this week UDD is getting an adjustment, an hour long massage and some time on the TENS unit. If I’m not in my peak health, I will end up injuring myself and then can’t dive at all.

    Was getting low on conditioner and shower gel. Found 3 new containers of shower gel (manifestation again).

    There is a good book written by Esther and Abraham Hicks about manifestation and getting what you want. Creative visualization by Shakti Gawain is another good book that I read many years ago that helped. I’m also a big feng shui devotee and believe in the power of affirmations, prayer, Sanskrit chanting and many other spiritual philosophies that help us dig deep and access our own inner core power.

    So boys and girls, what great things are going on in your life?

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