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    i’ve noticed that some of the supermarkets that lock their bins away at night actually have them out
    during the day. in some cases right out on the street. i’m presuming this is because they have limited room inside
    (horrible thought, but they keep the dumpsters in the storage area with all the ‘fresh’ produce?),
    and if they’re working in there during the day they need the space. i noticed a while ago that one supermarket
    left their bins out (something they’ve never done before) during a particularly long holiday weekend.
    most shops didn’t stay open over the holiday, but this one did. i’m guessing they ordered in extra produce whilst
    the deliveries were still being made, and then had no room for the dumpsters all weekend. it’s a reasonable theory.

    anyway, back to the food. if you’re quick and don’t mess around no is going to be bothered by
    a quick rummage in the bin. but the emphasis on quick. no one is going to like it either.
    protip – picking garbage up off the floor to put into the dumpster gives you a nice and friendly
    reason for looking in there.

    well that’s where my broccoli (double c, one l) came from anyway.

    and here’s another pile of stuff we’d never be caught buying:

    that was two weeks worth of muffins. they make a terrible breakfast if you’re in a rush.

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