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  • Day 273: Lamp by Bicycle

    A few nice dumpster diving images I found:

    Day 273: Lamp by Bicycle
    dumpster diving
    Image by Anomalily
    Today I got my school supplies in the morning from SCRAP and spent .00 for all the notebooks and binders I’ll probably need all year. It was slightly more expensive than dumpster diving (how I used to get my school supplies) but a great deal cleaner and I could be more selective. 😉

    I spent the rest of the day helping my friend Chris pack up his house (he has SO much stuff!) for bike moving tomorrow. I was able to inherit this fabulous lamp/table and I carried it home in the dark (lit by a strategically tape bike light inside the shade) on the back of my xtracycle. Moments like this is why I love the xtracycle: I’m able to just decide on a whim to pick something up, rather than have to plan on borrowing a trailer/going home to get a trailer/carry around a trailer/book a zipcar.

    The purple glow coming off my bicycle is from the down low glow bicycle light. It’s great, especially when combined with a lamp.

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