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  • Paula W.

    Never having done a cleanout, I had no idea what to expect. Never having rented a dumpster, I certainly had no idea what I was doing. EVERYTHING you told me about dumpster rental from your company was exactly the way this experience unfolded. There were no surprises to deal with from the dumpster to add to the overwhelming work that had to be done. When I returned to my mother’s after the dumpster was picked up, I would never have known that monster had been there!! I received my additional charges just as you indicated could happen, and again no surprises. When the thing was first set down, I thought this has to be overkill, but by the time we finished loading it I could not believe how much stuff we had. Thank you so much for your help to make a most difficult task much easier. While I hope I never need another dumpster, if I do I know the number to call, and certainly if anyone else needs one, I will be giving them the same number. Have a very nice July 4th and please continue to run your company in this manner. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Sincerely, Paula W.

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