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    • 03
    • Aug2016

    What Waste Should You Recycle And Throw In The Trash?

    How to much to rent a dumpster for a day? From soda to canned vegetables to pet food, most of us use a whole lot of aluminum. In fact, Americans buy over 100 billion aluminum cans a year. Just over half of these end up in the trash, instead of the recycling bin. Since the aluminum

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    • 10
    • Feb2016

    Do Light Bulbs belong in Dumpsters?

    Whether you are replacing a burnt out light bulb or you are thinking about a major renovation in your home where all of the fixtures and bulbs will be replaced, one thing is for certain. You need a plan of action for dealing with the light bulbs. Light bulbs cannot simply be tossed into the trash

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    • 05
    • Feb2016

    Garbage or Recycling?

    It is no secret that mankind can do a lot better by taking care of the environment. It takes a number of trees to make paper that simply gets thrown away. It is one of the most disheartening concepts. Instead, it is important for every household to get into the regular habit of reducing waste. If

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