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    • 13
    • Jul2016

    Consequences of Illegal Dumping and Littering

    Each state government has a department responsible for dealing with illegal dumping, littering and everything that goes with it. In Illinois, the state's Environmental Protection Agency deals with the proper disposal of all waste including medical sharps, electronic waste, recycling and more. It's important people understand that illegal littering and dumping significantly harms the quality of

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    • 12
    • Jan2012

    City sticks with two-a-week garbage bid

    Virgo If there isn't some sort of reward at the end of the tunnel, you aren't interested in passing through it. Your current interest is how to gain access and you know that people have a tendency to listen a lot more when you make them irresistible offers! It's okay to have several programs running at

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    • 06
    • Jan2012

    Garbage piles up after Mexico City landfill closes

    Garbage piles up after Mexico City landfill closes/** * addthis_config is used to set global options. * 'services_exclude' lists all services not to be * shown in the drop down menus. * UI API found here: * Service List found here: */ ?> Jan. 5 -- Confusion over exactly when a closure of Mexico

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    • 07
    • Dec2011

    New York’s Trash Costs Climbing Decade After Fresh Kills Closed

    New York City’s $ 1 billion annual waste-disposal costs are rising and plans to find less costly options have stalled a decade after Fresh Kills, the world’s biggest landfill, was closed in 2001. About 11,000 tons of municipal solid waste is created every day in New York, most of which is hauled by truck to landfills

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    • 08
    • Nov2011

    Garbage truck drivers busted, thanks to GPS systems

    Garbage truck drivers busted, thanks to GPS systems/** * addthis_config is used to set global options. * 'services_exclude' lists all services not to be * shown in the drop down menus. * UI API found here: * Service List found here: */ ?> Nov. 8 -- Thanks to GPS technology inside Albuquerque, N.M., garbage

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    • 30
    • Oct2011

    Erosion from hurricane uncovers garbage at golf club in Norfolk

    Sagittarius Things and people close to home seem mundane and even boring at the moment. Your mind wanders to exotic things and you wish to expand your knowledge. You are fascinated by legal happenings, other cultures, spirituality and the thought of travel. Change comes in the form of surprise. A snap decision could change everything. Waste

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    • 20
    • Sep2011

    Identity Thieves Getting Personal Information from the Garbage

    Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 4, 2005 Since June 1, 2005 businesses have had to adhere to new FTC rules on destroying consumer records such as credit reports and financial data or face stiff fines and big civil penalties. Identity Thieves are actually going through trash looking for old computers they can get private personal information from

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    • 19
    • Sep2011

    Should You Add Garbage To Your Portfolio?

    Garbage. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants to take it out or drag the can down to the curb. We can't imagine ever being the people that come and take it away. Let's face it, garbage stinks. But it might be the perfect thing to add to your portfolio. Since I only have a short time to

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    • 17
    • Sep2011

    A Shout Out To Eating Garbage: Dumpster Diving on CBC

    A CBC news team followed along on a dumpster diving run with me and a friend. | http Video Rating: 4 / 5 Me singing I'll dumpster dive to the music of Gloria Gaynor's I will survive. I hope you enjoy this song. Check out my new musical about dumpster diving at: Video Rating:

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    • 23
    • Aug2011

    Progressive Waste is more gem than garbage

    Capricorn The Moon moves through your sixth house of health and service to others today; unless you have been neglecting your health, the emphasis is likely to be on how you can serve others. With the Sun entering service-oriented Virgo, it might seem like everyone wants and needs something from you... take time out to relax

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